EXCLUSIVE: DJ confirms how Michael Jackson track became duet with Justin Bieber

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The producer who remixed Michael Jackson’s “Slave To The Rhythm” as a duet with Justin Bieber has revealed exclusively to me how the track came to be.

His name is Max Methods, and he’s signed to Red Zone Entertainment – the label owned by production giant Christopher “Tricky” Stewart.

In an exclusive interview, Methods told me that Tricky re-recorded the track with pop superstar Justin Bieber, and then asked him to produce a new mix of the the music.

“I do not know how it leaked,” adds Methods.

In 2010, Tricky Stewart produced a number of songs being considered for Sony Music’s first posthumous Michael Jackson album, called Michael. “Slave To The Rhythm” was one of those tracks.

The track, as detailed in a previous article, was originally recorded by the King of Pop in 1990. It was one of many tracks that failed to make Jackson’s 1991 Dangerous album.

In response to the leak of the Jackson/Bieber duet mix, The MJ Online Team, who often communicate with Jackson’s fans on behalf of the his Estate, sent out a series of statements to fans via email.

Today, however, they publicly addressed the issue by way of a Twitlonger post from their official Twitter account:

“For those who have been asking about the recently posted recording of ‘Slave 2 The Rhythm’ by Michael and Justin Bieber, this recording was not authorized. We can assure you that the Estate is quite upset about the leak and is doing everything in its power to get the song removed from as many sites and YouTube channels as possible.”

Click here for a comprehensive blow-by-blow on the “Slave To The Rhythm” saga.

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Damien Shields is the author of Michael Jackson: Songs & Stories From The Vault – a book that examines the King of Pop’s creative process on a collection of previously-unreleased songs which were ultimately released years after his death. The book is available in physical and digital formats via Amazon and iBooks.


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