New documentary to showcase Michael Jackson’s final photo shoots!

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A brand new documentary showcasing the King of Pop’s final photo shoots is set to be released in the U.S. at some stage before February 2014; and possibly even earlier on the international market.

“‘Michael: The Last Photo Shoots’ is a fascinating behind the scenes look at Michael Jackson’s last magazine cover photo shoots and the struggle to make them happen,” says the Noval Williams Films press release.

“It is a unique story told through the eyes of several of Michael’s closest friends, photographers and stylists that had helped Michael prepare for his planned comeback.”

The photo shoots took place in New York in September 2007 – one for L’Uomo Vogue; the other for Ebony/Jet magazine.

“Michael wanted to be photographed in an artistic setting and the Brooklyn Museum gladly accommodated us all,” tells Harriette Cole – Ebony/Jet magazine’s editor in chief. “We shot in the midst of ancient and contemporary history, and it was powerful to be in that space.”

“We worked with celebrity fashion stylist Phillip Bloch to develop concepts for wardrobe and then he and his team went shopping. We really wanted him to look elegant and timeless on the cover. We found a number of looks that would achieve that and presented them to Michael. He ultimately chose what he would be happy to wear, which turned out to be far more outfits than we had time to shoot.”

“Michael Jackson was the perfect fit for everything we put on him,” added Cole. “He’s got the body that any woman or man would die for! At 49 years old, he’s got a slim dancer’s body … It was a lot of fun to work with someone who looks great in clothes, who knows how to move his body and who understands the camera. It was magic!”

‘Michael: The Last Photo Shoots’ delves deep into the archives of never-before-seen footage of Jackson having his make-up done, interacting with the crew, striking poses and even dancing on set.

“For a man nearly 50, he was still incredibly limber,” said Ebony/Jet Magazine’s Bryan Monroe of Jackson. “He showed of a few of his classic moves during the photo shoot – the leg twist/kick move in particular … He’s still got it.”

“What I loved the most about working with Michael Jackson is how kind he was to everyone,” recalls Cole. “He was gracious to the elevator operator, the guard and the executives in the museum. He made sure to thank each person who was in ear shot when the shoot was over. He was generous and kind. Did some people feel intimidated by him? I don’t know if that’s the right word. More, I think some people were mesmerized. Some were pinching themselves wondering if they actually were in the presence of the King of Pop.”

UPDATE: I received the following statement from Craig Williams – writer and director of ‘Michael: The Last Photo Shoots’:

“As for the release; we expect the US initial TV broadcast to be before February 2014. As for foreign territories, it could be released sooner as we are already entertaining offers.  As for pay-per-view and DVD; Since we are producing a series of 3 positive and informative documentaries (at least), it would make most sense for us to do a DVD release once we have finished the 3rd in the first quarter of 2014”

Watch the previews of ‘Michael: The Last Photo Shoots’ below or visit the official website here.

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