Tupac will not feature on new Michael Jackson album ‘XSCAPE’

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Speculation began circulating the internet yesterday that rap legend Tupac Shakur would make a surprise posthumous appearance on the title track of the new Michael Jackson album ‘XSCAPE’.

After attending the exclusive VIP listening session hosted by Epic Records in NYC on April 8, VIBE Magazine Music Editor John Kennedy published an article detailing some fun facts he learned at the event. One of those facts was that L.A. Reid had revealed an alternate version of the song “Xscape” featuring a rap verse from Tupac.

Click here to check out Kennedy’s short but sweet VIBE article – one of the better pieces on ‘XSCAPE’ that I’ve read to date.

“On the second playback of Xscape, after many of the attendees were already retrieving phones and bags from coat check, L.A. Reid unearthed a version of the title track with vocals from Tupac Shakur’s Changes,” reports Kennedy in the article. “And believe it or not, it was epic.”

This sparked widespread discussion and debate online, particularly on Jackson fan sites, regarding the pros and cons of the posthumously-crafted collaboration.

I reached out to Mr. Kennedy today for clarification regarding the track, asking him whether or not he knew if there were plans to include it on the album.

“According to Epic’s PR, Pac’s verse will not appear on ‘Xscape’,” he told me. “No word on whether it’ll ever come out.”

Jeff Jampol, who serves as both manager of The Estate of Tupac Shakur, and consultant to The Estate of Michael Jackson, gave me the following statement:

“It was just an idea floated by a remixer during a meeting, I’m told. No one has approached the Tupac Shakur Estate about it, nor has any permission been granted. So I’d say it’s a nonissue.”

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