What’s next for Michael Jackson?

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As we enter the back-end of March 2013, many Michael Jackson fans are wondering what the next phase of his posthumous career will bring.

Last Friday marks three years since the announcement of a seven-year deal between Sony Music Entertainment and The Michael Jackson Estate. The deal, said to be worth a potential $250 million in cash advances to the estate, made Sony Music the exclusive distributor of the Michael Jackson’s material until 2017. So far, footage from “This Is It” rehearsals, unreleased songs, demos, remixes, video games and even an posthumously edited version of the never-finished short film for Jackson’s track “One More Chance” have been released. Most recently added to the list was a commemorative 25th anniversary edition of Jackson’s “Bad” album, called “Bad 25″, which featured never-before heard tracks from the era, a live album and concert DVD showcasing Jackson’s July 16th performance at Wembley Stadium from the Bad World Tour in 1988.

Artwork for Spike Lee's "Bad 25" film.

Made to promote “Bad 25″ was a documentary of the same name, put together by legendary filmmaker Spike Lee. The documentary, which debuted at the 69th Venice International Film Festival in August 2012, details the creation of the songs and short films from the “Bad” album. An edited version of the documentary was broadcast on a number of television networks around the world in late 2012 with a DVD and Blu-ray scheduled for release in February 2013. This date was then pushed back to March – and again to summer, according to Spike Lee – meaning it won’t be released until June 2013 at the earliest. An exact release date has not yet been confirmed and the reason for the delay remains a mystery.

On February 22 The Michael Jackson Estate and Cirque du Soleil confirmed the continuation of their relationship by announcing “Michael Jackson ONE” – a brand new Cirque production set to residency at Vegas’s Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. The production will preview from May 23 before officially premiering on June 29, just four days after the 4th anniversary of Jackson’s death. The Estate and Sony previously released a soundtrack for Cirque’s touring production, “IMMORTAL”, and could very well do the same for “ONE”.

On March 4, less than two weeks after announcing “ONE”, the Estate filed four new trademark registrations for “THRILLER THE WORLD’S BIGGEST SELLING ALBUM OF ALL TIME” under Triumph International. The filings were for live performances, recorded music and video, promotional materials and merchandise, fuelling speculation that a “Thriller” themed project may also be in the works. Fans know of at least a dozen demos from the “Thriller” era that could be included in a commemorative release, such as “Hot Street”, “Trouble”, “Niteline” and “Starlight”.

Also still yet to see an official release are a number of Jackson’s more recent studio recordings – including “Escape”, “Blue Gangsta”, “Do You Know Where Your Children Are” and “Slave To The Rhythm” – all of which have leaked online, receiving rave reviews from fans around the world. Combined with songs that have not yet leaked (at least not in full) – such as “She Was Lovin’ Me“, “Can’t Get Your Weight Off Of Me”, “I Was The Loser“, “Days In Gloucestershire” and “A Place With No Name” – the opportunity for an album of  complete, unreleased recordings still remains possible.

Hard drives containing unreleased Michael Jackson music.

A couple of days ago, on March 15, Jackson’s long-time collaborative partner, Michael Prince, uploaded a photo to his Instagram showing a number of hard drives with the caption: “So many hard drives spinning and humming, new tracks from MJ will soon be coming.” Prince worked alongside the King of Pop for fourteen years, from HBO’s planned “One Night Only” concert in 1995 until the final day of Jackson’s “This Is It” rehearsals in 2009. Naturally the photo created a buzz among Jackson fans, who interpreted it as a sign that the songs on the hard drives would soon be released. However, this is not the case. According to a source close to Prince, who was able to comment, a small team was simply preparing to begin looking through old drives in pursuit of any material that may have been forgotten about. There are said to be dozens of hard drives that have not yet been analysed, which could contain yet-to-be discovered material that fans are hoping to hear. However, despite fans’ insatiable appetite for Jackson’s unreleased songs and demo recordings, there are currently no plans to release such material in an official capacity. Prince has since removed the picture from Instagram to avoid causing any further confusion or misinterpretation by fans and friends.

Sources behind the scenes at Sony tell me that other project ideas being considered include the long-awaited official release of Jackson’s famed 30th Anniversary celebration concerts from Madison Square Garden in 2001, a Blu-ray of the Michael Jackson Memorial Service, an album of incomplete, unreleased songs to be re-produced as duets, and a 3D version of the “HIStory World Tour” to be screened in cinemas around the world. The 30th Anniversary celebration in particular has the potential to be a huge success, as these stand as the last full-length concert performances of Michael Jackson’s career. The concerts include tribute performances by a number of the world’s biggest stars, and feature the incredible onstage reunion of the Jackson brothers – their first performance together in seventeen years.

In the pipeline prior to Jackson’s passing was a 30th Anniversary edition of his 1979 album “Off The Wall”, to be called “Off The Wall 30″. This was Sony’s proposed follow-up to the mega-successful “Thriller 25″, which has sold nearly 10 million copies worldwide since its release in February 2008. However “Off The Wall 30″ was put on hold following the announcement of Jackson’s ill-fated “This Is It” tour. Sony have since pursued the possibility of issuing the commemorative edition posthumously, but are yet to locate enough releasable material from the era to use as bonus tracks.

In the months leading up to his passing, Jackson himself was planning for a television special to be broadcast around the world at Halloween, showcasing his 1996 film “Ghosts”. This is also something that remains unreleased, despite the fact that fans are chomping at the bit to experience it in high definition. A Blu-ray featuring the 40-minute film and a “making of” documentary would surely please MJ-enthusiasts around the world.

But in the end, all is speculation and nothing (apart from the new Cirque production “ONE”) is confirmed. So I am asking…

What would YOU like to see released next?

Discuss below…


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89 Responses to What’s next for Michael Jackson?

  1. Cynthia says:

    The HIStory World Tour on DVD! :)

  2. Charles Thomson says:

    HIStory Tour in cinemas is the worst idea I’ve ever heard. It will be absolutely mauled by critics and audiences alike. It was a stain on Michael’s legacy and should never, ever be officially released. The lip-synching was atrocious. At times Michael was miming to studio recordings with three layers of his voice and would forget which layer he was pretending to sing. On the 1996 leg he lip-synched to the original, 1979 studio cut of Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough. I have spoken to people who walked out of the concerts in disgust at that point in the show.

    The idea of Madison Square Gardens on DVD is only marginally less stupid. The segment with his brothers is good, although a lot of the vocals were over-dubbed in post-production, but the solo section is badly and glaringly lip-synched. Again, it will invite intense criticism which will not serve Jackson’s legacy well. Moreover, his face looked so bad it had to be digitally blurred – and not especially well.

    Sony is seriously scraping the barrel now if these are the ideas it is coming up with. The memorial on DVD? How utterly morbid.

    They should just give it up. Give us Bad and Victory Tours in good quality, then stop. There’s nothing left worth releasing.

    The only worthwhile projects besides those two tours on DVD would be more documentaries in the style of Bad 25, but given that the powers that be are not remotely interested in celebrating Jackson’s political or controversial output and are instead intent on turning him into a Disney-style caricature they can use to shift product, we’re unlikely to get anything approaching a probing analysis of his best work.

    Bad 25, although it was half-decent, glossed over the overt racial commentary of Speed Demon and used the documentary to launch irrelevant attacks on Jackson’s family. The amount of time spent attempting to convince its audience that the Bad short film was a gritty piece of cinema rather than the camp lunacy it actually was demonstrated from the word ‘go’ that the film was totally unobjective. It was propaganda. The idea that albums like Dangerous or HIStory might be meaningfully dissected is therefore somewhat far-fetched.

    The Immortal tour sucked. Undoubtedly the worst concert production I have ever seen. Distasteful and offensive, actually. The Vegas show looks equally tacky, based on the press launch.

    Give us the 80s tours and then give up. All else is just more corpse-raping nonsense.

    • LibelFreezone says:

      Mr. Thomson, you forgot one thing. You forgot to add “… in my opinion…” which is all that your diatribe is.

    • samhabib says:

      The memorial on BluRay?!? What the fuck is this, man?!? The greatest fucking entertainer that EVER LIVED and all they can think of producing is a BluRay of his memorial?!?

    • Michele Dickson says:

      Well, Charles Thompson is just one person. There are plenty of REAL Michael Jackson fans who will disagree with him, on just about every point he makes here. I, for one, am heartily sick of hearing the “everything was crap after Thriller” line. To refer to the BAD video as “camp lunacy” is a direct smack in Michael’s face and indicates that the maker of the comment (Thompson) did not bother to look past the surface of the video, at all. I prefer to consult Joe Vogel’s analysis of Michael’s body of work, for a balanced and fair evaluation, rather than to take Thompson’s words on face value. With regard to the HIStory World Tour, CT may think he’s some kind of expert and may think he’s being objective with the sweeping statements he makes, but thousands upon thousands of fans who either attended the concerts, or watch them now, on DVD, do not agree with him. They have voted with their wallets and their feet. I think a 3D movie of the HIStory World Tour in theatres and then on DVD would be fantastic. It might actually make some of the naysayers and lipsynch whingers shut up about it, for once and for all. I’d also love to see a Dangerous project, similar to the one created for BAD 25, with a Dangerous Tour concert (other than Bucharest) on DVD as well as unreleased songs and demos from the Dangerous sessions. The Memorial Service service was very, very well done and it was more like a tribute concert, albeit a sombre one. It’s probably not necessary to release it on Blu-ray, but some people must have said they’d like it, for the Estate to be considering it. It certainly was a piece of history that should be preserved and passed on in some way, to show future generations just how loved and revered MJ was and still is, in all walks of life.

    • Ian says:

      You pretty much said everything that was on my mind.

    • Shirley Alves says:

      Oh Charles…Charles… Wow. I have been a fan of yours for a few years now, and even listened to your interview on King Jordan’s this afternoon! But reading this loathsome opinion piece shocked me. Wow. I thought you were on MICHAEL’s side!! The BAD short film was “camp lunacy”??!! The Immortal Tour was “distasteful and offensive”?? OMG… I saw the show 7 times, and I never saw anything that would even remotely be construed as such! I attended the ONE premiere last Saturday night, and it was NOT “tacky”!!

      While it IS true that SOME of MJ’s song performances on the HISTORY tour were lip-synched, the same could be said of any number of artists these days!! Certainly, you can NOT say that the ENTIRE song line-up was lip-synched! And anyways, it seems that you are a bit out of touch with what fans love about those shows… He still danced as well as ever; his performance of some numbers was simply breathtaking – the level of energy and emotion he put into them astounding (ex Beat It; Earth Song; Black or White; Billie Jean); and he looked absolutely delicious, being in the sexiest strongest physical shape of his life…!!

      And since when is an artistic project’s release based on what CRITICS will or will not think about it anyway??! As long as PEOPLE are happy and buying it, that’s what counts! I mean, if you check, you will see that several stupid critics even thought the THRILLER album was “campy” and not as “good” as OFF THE WALL when it first came out!! Some even called it a FLOP!! Can you imagine that??!!! No offense to you personally, but critics come and go… and after all, a critic is just one person with an opinion, whether they are commenting on albums or movies or shows. The totality of the opinion of the many OTHERS outweigh the importance of any critic. If many like it, regardless of a critic’s thumbs down, it will do well. Conversely so, if the MASSES do NOT like a product, regardless of how many accolades a critic may give it, that product’s future success is dead in the water. While a critic can INFLUENCE those on the fence about whether or not to purchase any given item, whether an album or a car, he can’t do much either way for a person who knows what they like, and already know that they can’t wait to get their hands on that given item. Maybe for a Broadway show, a critic’s thumbs down can be the kiss of death, but for an artist as loved around the world as Michael Jackson, I don’t think so.

      It is sad to me that you seem to be saying that after the 80s, MJ was a flop…. :(

      While certainly, that WAS his most successful era, his lesser successes still outperform ANY artist these days. What did INVINCIBLE sell? “Just” about 15 million copies… One Direction should be so lucky to “just” sell that many!!! And incidentally, do critics like One Direction or Justin Bieber as much as the MANY fans do????? I think not. And yet, they are doing absolutely fine…

      Case closed.

      • Shirley Alves says:

        I will however concede, Charles, that in Immortal, the “Bubbles” character WAS tacky, and that the dancing “glove”, “hat” and “loafers” only served to promote the superficial characterization of who Michael was, which was disappointing… I would have liked to have seen the portrayal of Michael as a person, humanitarian, and genius songwriter/poet be explored and highlighted more…. but overall, I would not call the show offensive.

  3. Nadia says:

    I don’t quite agree with everything Charles says, but not here to argue, tastes differ,
    and I do agree with him about Immortal and no need for History on DVD (though if hardcore fans
    really, really want it… it’s NOT to please critics after all), but I’d love Victory in good quality.
    In fact I’d love Triumph even more and .., but i realize this will never happen. So, Victory
    and that’s about it. Everything great MJ is already available, too bad video quality often sux.
    If they can somehow swap VHS picture to truly good DVD, I’m all for that.
    Documentaries would be nice, but only with relevant people involved if possible. People who know what they are talking about, because they were there, working alongside MJ. No speculation etc.
    And NO even subtle family bashing please! Which is, again, impossible coming from the Estate.
    If they have new old demos\songs or something, I’d love them just like they are, not overproduced by some clumsy producers. Of course this is interesting only to “old”, very loyal and somewhat obsessed fans, as you can’t market that to teen kids who became fans couple years ago.

  4. Love U Sev says:

    I am shocked by Charles’s comments. To come there to put forward the physical appearance of Michael as not being acceptable enough in the image, is simply disgusting. When in the choices of the fans, it is necessary to stop wanting to attribute to them a burning desire of quality so visual and sound . When we see astronomical quantity of fans has such point desperate people, when they come there to appreciate imitators and impersonators, sorry it proves well that their level of requirements is at the lowest, because the lack is so big. (sorry 4 the bad translation)

  5. TJ. says:

    MJ Fandom is not what it used to be.
    I remember the time my friends from around the world and i would sit up all night dissecting & fantasizing about every possibility from a simple quote or hint some music producer or “close friend” of Michael’s would let slip into the press. Remember when Christian Audigier let slip that Michael was heading to London to announce This Is It? Fans didn’t sleep for a week from pure excitement.

    Those days are long gone.
    That enthusiasm and optimism didn’t die in 2009 with Michael though, it died after that. It died around December 2010 when the fan community were very clearly shown that the men in suits running all things “official MJ” were A) corrupt, and B) not even a little bit interested in MJ’s wishes or artistic vision.

    Trusting those same men to deliver a quality and respectful product worthy of Michael’s name is something I can never do. They’ve pissed on his legacy, And i feel nothing but dread at that thought of what they’ll do next.

  6. Marco B. (@B__Marco) says:

    Nothing !! I do not want to see released anything.
    I want:

    1) Justice for MJ’s Children and Family

    2) The Esate/Branca gone

    3) MJ’s grown up kids/adult get in charge of their father art and start releasing Material with the goal of raising Money for charity .

    When all the 3 above will be achieved, I will accept any type or release and support it buying.
    Before that, I am against any release….No support and money from me.

  7. Lauren Trainor says:

    Loved Immortal (twice); happily looking forward to MJONE; loved ‘Michael’; support the Estate; would love to see a Dangerous25 and would love to see something with emphasis on the Invincible album; love to see Ghosts remastered and released…and sure would love a new album of music tracks such as what Damien listed above.
    Thank you for the breakdown and information, Damien.

    • samhabib says:

      You liked the dancing monkey in Immortal? I’m sure MJ would have loved nothing more than to see his music reduced to such bullshit.

    • samhabib says:

      ‘Loved ‘Michael”? Don’t you feel any amount of guilt for ‘loving’ a product that Paris Jackson has claimed contains fake songs?! That’s absolutely disgusting. And you call yourself a fan?!

      • Julie Noel says:

        Don’t worry, Lauren probably works for the Estate. The fan community was infiltrated by Sony and Estate minions after MJ’s death in order to stifle serious discussion and sell product. It has been difficult for many of us.

  8. lotus says:

    “Sources behind the scenes at Sony tell me”…

    LMAO! As if a memorial of a deceased legend or that horrible 30th anniversary that is shown every year on TV would be considered. And for your interest: Sony has no rights on the 30th anniversary.. Stop lying.

  9. samhabib says:

    Let’s see, so far this Estate has given us songs that Michael Jackson’s own children have claimed are fake, a sub-VHS quality release of the Bad Tour, poor quality video box set in the form of Visions, incorrect dates on replica tickets, have denied any support/endorsement of the controversial Michael Bush exhibition/auction, an auction which included signed pictures of Jackie Jackson… er… signed by Jermaine… and to top it all off, dancing monkeys on the atrocious Immortal tour.

    All in all, a complete fucking horror show. No comeback from the Cascio songs, I’m afraid. When you wage war with the man’s family, and the vast majority of his LEGITIMATE fan base, you’ve fucked up to the extreme and there’s no comeback.

    There’s no future for the Michael Jackson brand while these morons are in charge.

    • Nadia says:


    • Michael says:

      Quality control certainly seems to have been an issue since Michaels passing. The videos in vision looked photoshopped in a very amateur way. Not the kind you get when you compare gone with the wind or enter the dragon say, when they were remastered. I am sure MJ use to film his videos using 35mm film so why are the videos not remastered properly. In beat it his jacket has being turning Orange over the years. When the video first cam out his jacket was red. Or may be its just me.

      With moonwalker the concert footage that was used for man in the mirror looked like it was filmed using 35mm film, not vhs. can the estate not locate the full concert?

      I used to like the extended mix, instrumental and acapella formats for most of the bad singles, so perhaps Dangerous/Bad the Instrumentals would be good idea. Not some cheap Kareoke type but the proper job like it was on singles and also for songs that we have not heard instrumentals too.

      Victory tour is the best idea. Perhaps even a film. There was that vide called unauthorised, where mj was wearing a red jumper, filmed at havenhurst post thriller, pre bad. He talked about a song called buffolo bill which he said he knew was gonna be a hit, id like to hear that. The wembley version of the dangerous tour would be great. Budapest was awful, poor camera angles and also mj didnt seem on full form that night. There was a nice glossy book for thriller 25, would be great to have had or get one for bad, with unrealsed pictures, all the pictures taken for the bad cover. What about demo version of bad, or other songs on the album. What about a dvd release of captain eo, or an imax 3d release?

      What about a video for dangerous. Was one in the works? I know that dangerous (the single) was scheduled for a december 1993 release but was cancelled because of what was going on at the time. Maybe if sony spend a couple of million making a dangerous video with the set based around the dangerous cover, something similiar to janet jacksons rythmn nation video, electrifying dancers that can carry MJs grace, high budget, with a digital mj or an impersonator? what about a 125 dvd box set with every bad tour concert. I think so much could be done for his legacy, but nothing is, its just all low profile releases, other than the tours. Can anyone remember the week bad was released Every shop in the high street had posters outside. I’m talking too much now, it would be interesting to see what others think.

  10. Charles Thomson says:

    You’re right, Sam. There is no coming back from the ‘Michael’ album. That was it. For the true fans, that was absolutely it. They crossed a line.

    Michael Jackson’s mother, who he spoke to constantly on the phone, say that is not his voice. His brothers, who he sang with for decades, say that is not his voice. His daughter, who he sang to – in her words – every day, says that is not his voice. His nephews, who recorded songs with him, say it is not his voice. And any true fan’s ears say that it is not his voice.

    Nobody of any quality has come forward and said it is his voice. Teddy Riley said it was MJ’s voice, but he was – by that point – on the Estate’s payroll, and made the comments at the same time that he was posting comments on twitter saying he believed Michael had faked his own death and was in hiding. He is now making subtle comments on twitter to suggest that the voice is not MJ’s after all.

    The Estate released a statement claiming lots of prominent figures believe it’s MJ’s voice. Except the statement is a lie. Some of the people on the list and at the meeting came forward to say the statement was bullshit. The statement said Quincy Jones had confirmed it was MJ’ voice, but he was interviewed days later and said he could NOT confirm it was MJ’s voice.

    The songs ae demonstrably fake. Any fan with working ears and the braincells they were born with know they are fake. No evidence has ever been produced to suggest that they are real, but mountains of evidence point towards them being fakes. Even Jason Malachi’s producer says it is his voice on those tracks, not Michael Jackson’s.

    The fans who support the ‘Michael’ album deserve every piece of shit product that the Estate sells them. I hope they send Immortal around the world all over again so those fans can pay a hundred pounds a ticket for a second time round, to watch a man in a monkey suit dance to hideous remixes of Michael Jackson’s greatest songs while white dancers in comedy afro wigs mock his family members in the background.

    • ChrisB says:

      Who are you to judge Michael’s true fans? That is bullshit. It’s fine to give your opinion but fan bashing should be off the table.

      • Charles Thomson says:

        If they support demonstrably fake tracks, they’re not fans.

        • samhabib says:

          Teddy Riley is clearly fucked off with the whole thing and seems absolutely desperate to say something. Fans have just asked him about the songs in the last few days and he’s responded ‘I wish I could talk about it’. Why? If they were legit, why wouldn’t he just say ‘They are legitimate’?

          If you call Paris Jackson a liar, don’t call yourself a fan. Simple. If you’d rather support the ‘second family’ than the man’s OWN family, don’t count yourself as a Michael Jackson fan. It’s that simple. One of those families was at his side during his trial in 2005. One wasn’t. Take your pick.

  11. Jay says:

    DVD/Blu Ray
    1. The Triumph Tour at the LA Forum
    2. The Victory Tour at Texas Stadium
    3. Making Michael Jackson’s Thriller
    4. Ghosts

    5. A 12 song album of songs recorded during 1998-2009
    6. A 2 or 3 cd set of unreleased songs, alternate takes, demos, and live versions
    7. Deluxe edition of Off The Wall
    8. Deluxe edition of Dangerous

    Documentary on Off The Wall

    • Charles Thomson says:

      That’s a good DVD list. I’d love Desiny and Triumph tours on DVD but don’t think we’ve got any hope of ever seeing them released, sadly.

      Could do without all the unreleased material you’ve listed, given that none of what they’ve put out so far was especially good and some of it wasn’t even real. I just think it detracts from Michael Jackson’s legacy and discography to keep releasing sub-standard material that he shelved for a reason. He didn’t release that much music as a solo adult. If they carry on, there will be more substandard, previously unreleased material on the market than there is fantastic, finished, officially released music – and who does that serve?

      I love Off The Wall but am not sure how interested I’d be in a documentary about it, given that MJ had very little creative input compared to all his subsequent solo albums. He actually had more input in the Jacksons albums from around the same period. I’d be more interested in a HIStory documentary, but have absolutely zero faith at all in those in charge to actually create something accurate, honest and in keeping with the spirit of the album.

    • Hmmmmm!Very good ideas I think also good ideas are:
      1. This is it (All the songs and all 3d videos.I mean Full concert and no interviews or making of, only action)
      2.A concert in 3d (history/bad/dangerous/this is it)
      3.History tour making of and Rehearsals
      1.Ressurection album(2003)
      2.Will I Am album (2007)
      3.The World Is No church album (1998)
      4.Beatboy 2010 album (2009)
      5.A 14 tracks album with other unreleased material from 2001-2008
      6.Dangerous 25
      7.A 10 tracks album with unreleased tracks from 1970-1988
      8.An album with all unreleased duets michael made
      9.An Instrumental Album
      1.Documentary for History/Dangerous/Invincible albums
      2.Michael Jackson on studio
      1.In zip file Multitracks of all his greatest hits like Billie jean,Smooth criminal,Hollywood tonight etc.

      I think Michael was a good album but it has 3 no-MJ’s songs like KYHU, Monster and Breaking news it was a big mistake and the other mistake was the rework happend in some tracks.Immortal was a disaster noone wants Remixes There are a lot of better remixes on web.Bad 25 was awesome Album and the best think sony released all these 4 years.

  12. ChrisB says:

    I did like the Immortal World Tour. It’s Cirque and is based on the circus performance. What part of that isn’t clear? We may not like everything about it but as a whole it worked. Obviously, others like it too.

    • Charles Thomson says:

      “I did like the Immortal World Tour. It’s Cirque and is based on the circus performance. What part of that isn’t clear?”

      I have seen Cirque Du Soleil before. At no point did a bunch of white dancers dress up as black celebrities and mock them, nor did anybody dress up as a giant monkey.

      Blacking up like minstrels is not appropriate. Nor is ending the show with the ‘Michael Jackson’ character descending the stage in an embrace with a monkey. What part of *that* isn’t clear?

      The show was utterly offensive and the idea that some fans are prepared to defend it is, to me, deeply alarming.

      • Shirley Alves says:

        I saw the show in Montreal and in Quebec City, and at that time, the “fans” were all black except for one. No One was “blacked up”.

        I know the show kept getting shortened as time went on, and perhaps by the time it got to the UK, it was so disjointed that it was unclear who those “minstrels” (as you call them) were. That is unfortunate. In the original show (which even I saw get cut and changed over the 10 months I saw it performed), there was a group of urban fans who decide to travel to Neverland, in hopes of being welcomed into Michael’s home. In the scene you are mentioning, they are trying to impress Michael with a little J5 impersonation performance. It works. After that sequence, the gates of Neverland open and they are allowed inside… with Michael appearing in the Giving Tree. That is what happened originally. Originally, the Giving Tree is on stage throughout the entire show. A friend in the UK told me she didn’t see anything like that…

        So perhaps, the UK version was not what I saw in Canada.

  13. Thanks everyone for getting involved with the discussion! I’ve seen a few ideas and opinions I like and a few I don’t necessarily agree with. I have some ideas of my own which I’ll share when I have time… either as a reply to the article or possibly even as a new article. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. Keep em coming!

  14. Alec says:

    I’m hoping one day we’ll get to see the footage Michael shot throughout his life, especially what was recorded when he traveled the world from 1987 to 1999. To see his meetings with kings, presidents, prime ministers… the sites he visited, the sea of fans waiting at every hotel… to see all that from his perspective would be incredible.

    He led one of the most remarkable lives in that decade spanning his three solo tours. It would make for an INCREDIBLE documentary. And he had cameramen/friends with handheld cameras almost everywhere he went in those years.

    It could be actually combined with footage from recording sessions for the albums: Bad, Dangerous and HIStory/BOTDF and behind the scenes from their respective music videos.

    Another project I would be very interested in is to have his classical compositions properly orchestrated and issued as a standalone album or part of some movie soundtrack.

    I’d like to see a proper release of What More Can I Give one day (e.g. a charity single sold at McDonald’s, as was originally discussed)
    -solo version
    -all star (English+Spanish versions)
    -music video
    -behind the scenes footage

    Michael Jackson’s Ghosts/Thriller Blu-ray combo with the making ofs is another good idea. A “Halloween Collection” album with his “scary” tracks (Thriller, Torture, Is It Scary, Ghosts, Threatened, Monster/the real song started in 1998/ and others) could be a very marketable addition.

    Finally, I wouldn’t mind if one of the songs Michael finished production/arrangements for was given to a respectable, quality but mainstream rapper like Jay-Z or Kanye West for use on a future album. I’m thinking about a song that has an incomplete vocal track except for a hook or chorus (as in Shut Up And Dance). That way Michael would get production and songwriter credit for the song (royalties) as well as recognition in the mainstream for being featured on a hit/or very strong album track. But it would need to be done with A LOT of care and I don’t see such respected artists easily trusting the executors with regards to such undertakings.

  15. PasMater says:

    I want HIStory Tour on blu-ray and in cinemas. That would be amazing. HIStory was amazing tour, just like Bad and Dangerous. It deserves to be oficially released.

    P.S. I don’t understand why Charles is so frustrated. He can just not go to see it and stay home watching Bad Tour VHS with live vocals.

    Duet album also sound interesting, but collaborators should be picked very carefuly. No Justin Bieber for example.

    30th Anniversary is great idea too. But blu-ray.

    I’m not interested in memorial service. That is lame.

    Also they should apologize for releasing fake songs and remove them from MJ’s discography.

    • Charles Thomson says:

      The HIStory Tour is a smear on Michael Jackson’s legacy – one of the single most appalling live tours in music history. He charged stadiums full of people for a ‘live’ show, then mimed to album tracks for two hours.

      If it is released, critics will absolutely maul it. It will be a bloodbath. As somebody who actually cares about Michael Jackson and his legacy, that is something I do not wish to see.

      Every tape of the HIStory Tour should be incinerated.

      • PasMater says:

        Critics absolutely “mauled” HIStory (his greatest album ever) and Invincible which was also great album. Who cares what will critics say or write. They “mauled” everything MJ did after Thriller.

        MJ show is not just vocal performance. It’s your lost if you can’t enjoy it. I will enjoy it for sure with millions other fans in theaters all around the world, with 3D glasses!

      • Logan says:

        One of the most appalling tours in history? I wouldn’t go that far, but I do agree. Michael mimed through all but two songs during two-hour concerts. Even his dancing wasn’t all it should have been. Was that a result of age? Probably. In that case, could we forgive him? Yes. But that still doesn’t make it a tour suitable enough for release.

  16. jason rodgers says:

    apart from legit songs…………all i want is ‘Place with no name’ and the original of ‘Behind the Mask’.
    And if he recorded ‘Joy’ the song given to Blackstreet then i want that….

    • Logan says:

      Odds are we will never get any “original” mixes of songs. I mean, look at “This Is It”. We still only have the John McClain reproduction – while it is fantastic, I would be interested in hearing the original demo.

  17. Logan says:

    I have supported the Estate through and through for these past few years. I bought every single project that has been released – yes, even the controversial MICHAEL album some two and a half years ago. But right now, I have to say I am not happy.

    * The HIStory World Tour was Michael’s worst performances. Throughout the entire tour only TWO songs were performed with live vocals, excluding ad-libs at the end of some songs – Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ and the Jackson 5 Medley. And even those songs had subpar vocals. This is not the kind of release that the fans want to hear or see. The same could be said with the 30th anniversary shows – a tedious few hours of boring tributes, a Jacksons reunion, then five or six songs that were all lip-synched. Michael shouldn’t be remembered through these disappointing performances.

    * The fans simply don’t want a duet album. We’ve made that clear. Sony needs to remember the backlash that surrounded reproducing Michael’s material. If they add ANOTHER ARTIST to the mix, I’m sure it’ll be even worse.

    * The memorial service should not be released. There are already high definition copies widely available online, not to mention that it is an overall boring choice. Of course, Michael’s death still saddens me to this day, but I personally wouldn’t want to buy a release that takes me back to the months after his death, not to mention hearing other artists try to pay tribute to him.

    * Like the other shows, Ghosts is available online in high definition, along with its “making of” featurette in the same quality. Again, a waste of a release.

    Damien, can you please inform the Estate that what fans want the most and would support the most is another new album? I’m clamoring to hear new music, and I know several others are as well. Thank you for your information on the topic.

  18. My top choice for the next MJ project release would be a follow up to the Michael album, minus the controversy. Pick songs that fans know it’s Michael. There shouldn’t be any question the vocals on the album are indeed Michael Jackson’s. Songs like Blue Gangsta, Slave To the Rhythm and A Place Without No Name should be on there. The 1st two I think could do very well on the dance charts and in the clubs.

    Tracks like Do You Know Where Your Children Are and Escape should also be officially released. With those two, and the 3 I mentioned above, you got 5 very strong tracks. Add 6 or 7 more to go with them and we got ourselves a decent album that will blow the Michael album away 1 million times over.

    After that, I’d like to see a Dangerous 25 album. Dangerous was a huge album, and it’s a shame it’s not given more respect and appreciation that it rightfully deserves.

    Hell no to a DVD with the memorial. That’s tacky and disrespectful.

    No thanks to a History tour concert DVD. How about a new one for the Dangerous Tour, that ISN’T Bucharest.

    No thanks to a duet album. It will fail. I don’t want to see some computer generated studio artist like Justin Bieber ruining a Michael Jackson track. It’s bad enough he had to be apart of the We Are The World remake.

  19. PasMater says:

    Duet album with Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Usher, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder, Ne-Yo, & Prince. With guest rappers Jay-Z & Kanye West if they need a rapper is some songs.

    They can also include unreleased Freddie Mercury duets on the same album.

  20. Roie says:

    About the lip-synching – the thing is that Michael’s shows, including the HIStory tour shows were an entertainment experience that included many things that made up the whole – the lighting, special effects, performance tableaux, the band, the singers and the songs, the dance and the dancers – Michael’s stamp was on all those things and he was there out front, performing his heart out.

    So it seems a tad nit-picky to me to hear a complaint about lip-synching considering not only the totality of a Michael Jackson show and the particular uniqueness of Michael’s performance role in even one of those shows, but also what they meant to Michael and his fans and the personal cost they exacted on Michael’s health at times. Still I realize people have a right to their opinions, just as I do and I just watched a full HIStory tour performance and it was fantastic! Would I be happy if Michael sat on a stool for two hours or more and just sang? Yes. Could Michael have done that? Perhaps. If he was tied down.

    As for the “critics” – most of them and their critiques were rarely about Michael’s music or art when he was alive, so pfft to the critics, they spat on their own craft, if that’s what you could call it. The critics (with a very few exceptions) can go to hell.

    Alec’s suggestions are good (though the people currently in charge of releasing Michael’s material have shown they’re not to be trusted with it), and there is one thing that Michael took part in that I’d especially love to see but I’ll just keep hoping it will appear sometime in the future, independent of the estate.

  21. samhabib says:

    I, for one, never show a lip synced MJ performance to friends or colleagues as an example of Michael Jackson at his best for fear of being laughed at.

  22. Sina says:

    Michaels fans are very fractionated and nothing will appeal to every group. But there is enough for everyone. Michael had other interests and talents as well , and it should not be limited to music. My wishes :
    - an unplugged album with his best vocals( no autotune!)
    - a documentary on his dance and choreography
    - release of what more can I give for one of his charities
    - a book with his drawings, quotes , speeches ,rare photo’s and song lyrics. Better quality than the opus.
    - a bio documentary ( maybe too soon now)
    - a release of the Cardiff tribute show on dvd . I was there and despite what people say (who were not there) it was the best live tribute show I have seen, and I have seen many. It was authentic because two of the people who were at the root of his career Gladys knight and Smokey Robinson performed . The artists were great and their performance was excellent. His mother children and other family being there made it a unique experience that will never be seen again. Compared to it Cirque immortal was a disappointment. Not enough cirque and no Michael feel . For the enormity of the production I found the mis en scene poor and the dancers mediocre. They could have done much better considering the commercial succes .
    - An album with only unknown music. No leaks, Not a theme album, but a mix of different eras and genres.
    - Victory tour
    - No memorial ! No biopic, No posthumus duets with people who were never a part of his musical entourage and whose vocal abilities don’t hold a candle to his.

    What I would like most for Michael is respect for his work and for the man. without second thoughts. Like how 25 years after his death fans pay tribute to Bob Marley by making his song their club song . See on you tube AJAX FANS SINGING THREE LITTLE BIRDS @ OLD TRAFFORD ( MAN UTD – AJAX 1 – 2 )

  23. angelmjalive says:

    The footage he’s been filming since 6/25/09…………………

  24. Silvia says:

    Most commenters here are retards or haters. I have painstakingly collected ALL available bootleg History shows on the Internet. I love every single one of them and I would pay anything to have an official release of History Tour. And for Jason whatshisname, Michael always looked handsome throughout the years. If you think otherwise, let’s see how handsome you are! So, back off with your hateful comments and don’t call yourself a fan, TRAITOR!

    • Logan says:

      You don’t need to get so defensive. Although I love every single thing about him, Michael was NOT a perfect man. With that in mind, the HIStory tour was truly awful. How can you compare the Bad tour, where Michael was at the top of his game, to the HIStory tour? Hell, even the Dangerous tour is ten times better than the HIStory tour. Think about it. Which appeals you more:

      (a) A Michael Jackson concert where every song is performed live and Michael gave his very best on stage, singing with every ounce of emotion he can pull out of himself


      (b) A Michael Jackson concert where almost every single song has overdubbed vocals and Michael’s dancing seems tiring, uncaring and lazy.

      You’re not a hater for wanting to see Michael’s best, not Michael’s worst.

  25. samhabib says:

    Actually, come to think of it, the Estate could put something together discussing Michael’s socio-political output like those MJ Academia videos were doing. Alas, they’d have to actually care about the man. And expose themselves. So it ain’t going to happen.

  26. Dave Allemby says:

    Please no more compilations – as much as we love Michael Jacksons songs – there is a limit to how many best ofs we can buy -The songs I would like to see released is those with Freddie Mercury -Two legends together

  27. Logan says:

    Just look at this:


    Even though it’s only 15 voters, EVERYONE wants a new album. C’mon Estate.

  28. Braden Putt says:

    *All his studio albums to be released in 8.1 stereo.
    *Bad tour concert shot with film cameras.
    *Victory tour concert shot with film cameras.
    *Another Dangerous tour DVD, with ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’, ‘Dangerous’ and ‘Bad’ performed.
    * A documentary using MJs own personal recordings throughout the years.
    *Off The Wall, Dangerous and HIStory special anniversary editions.
    *A brand new album featuring only songs MJ recorded between Invincible and 09. The songs included should be atleast 80% finished by MJ and should be promoted as the last album MJ was working on before he died. Redone and Will.I.Am tracks to be included if they are atleast 80% finished.
    *All Short Films to be released in Blu Ray Quality.
    *Anniversary edition of This Is It with plenty more behind the scenes footage.

  29. Alec says:

    I’d like to see Private Home Movies get an official release. There are so many documentaries out there about Michael Jackson that are utter rubbish. This one might actually be one of the most vital pieces of his legacy, as it shows who Michael really was, both in the home videos and the fabulous commentary section.

    It’d be interesting to see a director’s cut, including some behind the scenes footage and outtakes of the commentary that were cut from the broadcast edit.

    I wouldn’t mind if they included it as a bonus disc in a future album of unreleased songs.

  30. Fred says:

    I’m not going to debate with other fans, but I will say I’m against a History tour DVD. It isn’t very good.

    I would like to see a studio DVD set released of MJ recording his music broken up by album narrated or introduced by section by Bruce Sweden & conversation & reflections by those involved. Quincy & Rod Temperton & so on.

    E.T. storybook rerelease please :)

    Concerts from J5 days up to Victory & everything in between.

    I enjoy the unreleased music. Just stop messing it up

    Also MJ, from what we hear, wanted Bad to be a 3 disc set with 33 songs, but it would’ve been to expensive at the time. Why not now? Where are those songs? Quincy gave the impression MJ had 33 songs ready to go, but was told it was too many

    A book of his artwork would appeal to me

    How about more official collectables?

  31. Mjj2 says:

    Jacksons blu ray package (destiny, triumph, & victory– behind the scenes of the 3 tours. like footage of Michael & Emmanuel Lewis at Disney)… thriller recording sessions on film ( Michael tapes all rehearsals)…he said he had 33 songs ready for the bad album but at the time it people were still using vinyl…JUST PLEASE DON’T RELEASE ANYTHING ALREADY HEARD LEAKED, NOTHING PROCESS, NO MORE CASIO TRACKS EVER. ALL THOSE HARD DRIVES OF TRACKS… WORK WITH US!

  32. Can says:

    Besides the unreleased tracks from any era of his career, whatever Sony or Triumph releases next should be in blu ray discs, I was kind of dissapointed when I got the bad-88 wembley tour in dvd. Sure it was made out of Jackson’s personal video tape but still we(the fans) want to see him in high definition. In that case, I would really really like to see him in victory tour and before that Sony/Triumph can take different sources let’s say from Dallas where Van Halen joined him on stage with Beat it, and take Billie Jean from Kansas city where he moonwalked in different ways. What I am trying to say is that sometimes it is not possible to make a video of the whole old shows, the blu ray – live songs have the same concept (all songs taken from victory tour) but different places and video sources. I don’t think I don’t need to see him on History Tour unless a show with the same concept (as i mentioned earlier) is made out of his live vocals. Cause almost 80 percent of the songs on that tour he playbacks on the songs, that could be very interesting. As far I have seen him on youtube in Australia where he sang “Scream” live, that wasn’t tape until the chorus of the song. Bad tour with the same concept can be released as well in high definition in my personal opinion even the fact that “Thriller” is the biggest selling album of all time, “Bad” era is his prime both phsically, and vocally. His energy was on the edge, I mean look at Smooth Criminal on Wembley he is unstoppable, and about the vocals his little boy voice was getting behind his mature voice, thats the time he started to sound like an electric guitar with distortion effect, I don’t know if it is something to do with his nose-job or his age but that is (Bad Era) definately his prime. I think I can sum up my thoughts on what should be released next with whatever is next should be in blu-ray and live vocals they don’t need to take the whole show. Although, if there is a recording of NYC live ’88, he sang Smooth Criminal live not just the last his ad-libs at the end of the song as in Wembley.

    Besides the concerts, I would pay a 1000 dollars for a blu-ray that includes his time in studio where he sung the melodies, his beat boxes and awesome vocals. I have seen him on “Spike Lee’s Bad 25″ with Stevie and Seidah, nothing would get me more excited except seeing him live :D . He can play instruments too, we all have seen him in This is it, giving the tune for the players in the band how the song should sound like.

    Bottom line, all concerts should be on blu-ray and with live vocals. I always search resources to listen his unreleased tracks, it wouldn’t hurt my ears a bit even if i hear 1000 unprocessed tracks or demos so Sony should release as many as it can. At last videos of him in studio doing anything.

    • Mike Gunn says:

      It would be awesome footage if exists of MJ singing the Bad extended mix just after the false fade, that was raw and brilliant and MJ spat out the words then singing du du du du du doo….

  33. JvL says:

    What would I like to see happen? Songs like “A Place With No Name”, “Blue Gangsta”, “Slave To The Rhythm”, “Xscape”, “Serious Effect”, “Do You Know Where Your Children Off” should be released. I’ve been wanting Xscape released since it leaked back in 2003.

    The dvd/blueray release of the short-film “Ghost” is LONG OVERDUE.

    Rodney Jerkins also said that some of the best songs recorded during the Invincible sessions were saved for a later album. He also stated that they recorded the Invincible sessions. Being that it was MJ’s last studio album released in life, that the studio video footage could be made into a documentary, showing MJ in the booth recording the songs from Invincible, with insight on some of the songs. then, alongside the documentary, release an Invincible Pt. II full of unreleased songs from the era. It’s been said that Blue Gangsta, Xscape, A Place With No Name, and Slave To the Rhythm are from those sessions.

    I think History Tour on DVD would be a mistake because of the lip-syncing… but the dancing was so good.

    Above all, I’m mostly interested in the unreleased music that MJ recorded from 1997 – 2009.

    And it’d be nice to get “Serious Effect (feat. LL Cool J) released, which was recorded during the Dangerous sessions.

  34. Don Jackson says:

    WHAT I WANT NEXT……….MORE MICHAEL JACKSON SONGS TO BE RELEASED!!!!!!!!! A new MJ album! Song Groove (AKA Abortion Papers) from Bad 25 is one of the best songs ever!!!!!! MJ Estate should release genuine MJ tracks like the ones on Bad 25.

  35. Don Jackson says:


  36. Karen Griffin says:

    I would love to hear any unreleased songs. There should be a full cd of them. Everyone knows he recorded lots of songs for each album that never got released. I have a book that lists alot of them and have heard a few of them. Blue Gangsta is one of my favorites. Also any studio demos are great for the REAL fans (like me). I once heard MJ warming up his voice – I think it was on you tube. It was great! I hope they can put something together before the summer is out.

  37. Random Guy says:

    They need to start off with Dangerous 25 with the unreleased songs like Serious Effect. Then they could put its tour in it. After that they should put the HIStory tour in theaters in 3D in 2014. with the DVD and the anniversary in 2020 including the songs What About Us and more.

  38. Michael says:

    Quality control certainly seems to have been an issue since Michaels passing. The videos in vision looked photoshopped in a very amateur way. Not the kind you get when you compare gone with the wind or enter the dragon say, when they were remastered. I am sure MJ use to film his videos using 35mm film so why are the videos not remastered properly. In beat it his jacket has being turning Orange over the years. When the video first cam out his jacket was red. Or may be its just me.

    With moonwalker the concert footage that was used for man in the mirror looked like it was filmed using 35mm film, not vhs. can the estate not locate the full concert?

    I used to like the extended mix, instrumental and acapella formats for most of the bad singles, so perhaps Dangerous/Bad the Instrumentals would be good idea. Not some cheap Kareoke type but the proper job like it was on singles and also for songs that we have not heard instrumentals too.

    Victory tour is the best idea. Perhaps even a film. There was that vide called unauthorised, where mj was wearing a red jumper, filmed at havenhurst post thriller, pre bad. He talked about a song called buffolo bill which he said he knew was gonna be a hit, id like to hear that. The wembley version of the dangerous tour would be great. Budapest was awful, poor camera angles and also mj didnt seem on full form that night. There was a nice glossy book for thriller 25, would be great to have had or get one for bad, with unrealsed pictures, all the pictures taken for the bad cover. What about demo version of bad, or other songs on the album. What about a dvd release of captain eo, or an imax 3d release?

    What about a video for dangerous. Was one in the works? I know that dangerous (the single) was scheduled for a december 1993 release but was cancelled because of what was going on at the time. Maybe if sony spend a couple of million making a dangerous video with the set based around the dangerous cover, something similiar to janet jacksons rythmn nation video, electrifying dancers that can carry MJs grace, high budget, with a digital mj or an impersonator? what about a 125 dvd box set with every bad tour concert. I think so much could be done for his legacy, but nothing is, its just all low profile releases, other than the tours. Can anyone remember the week bad was released Every shop in the high street had posters outside. I’m talking too much now, it would be interesting to see what others think

  39. Alex Stassi says:

    I agree with most of Charles comments about releasing any concert footage past History. The realism is he did lip-synch most of his live performances from there onwards.

    A memorial blu ray is insane?!?! What are they thinking??

    Off the wall 30 is most welcome if done like Bad 25… if the triumph tour was professional filmed then live versions of the off the wall tracks could be used for video footage. I’m pretty sure there are other live performances from back then… MJ was on fire at 21.

    Victory tour /Triumph on dvd/blu ray would be great. We need videos of MJ post Motown and pre- Dangerous.

    How about the outtakes from The Jacksons when they were at epic? There must be some gems out there from that era.
    Sony need to take a leaf out of Motowns books when they released the Rare Pearls 2cd of 32 unreleased tracks!!! That was a major wow!!
    Massive MJ fan, but personally, not really interested in anything after History and definitely not post Invincible

  40. nikkorlf says:


  41. James says:

    Immortal tour was a disappointment in every sense of the word. It was rubbish. So I don’t hold out much hope for ONE. I think the best would be a release of the Dangerous tour in 3d at cinemas worldwide. As for History it was great but a half assed effort on many levels. But I think Dangerous would be far more successful.

    • Michael jackson says:

      That would be nice but im beginning to think this is wishful thinking. I mean look at the way the Bad tour dvd was put together, the intro looked like a boot leg copy, and so did the packaging, yet it was an official release. Then the cover of the Michael album, who painted his face, it looks odd. There was no lyric book inside either.

      But it would be nice to get

      1) Victory Tour DVD, (not the dallas concert), including the press conferences he did at the time.
      2) Bad Tour Osaka dvd (michael seemed posessed at this show)
      3) Best of bad tour dvd clips from various bad tour shows, including these with the black and red shirt
      3) Moonwalker DVD 25th anniversary special including deleted and behind the scenes
      4) Bad 25 book ( a bit late now but something similiar to the thriller one would have been great)
      5) Album with unreleased Michael jackson songs
      6) Instrumental version of all the post off the wall albums
      7) A film based on mjs life story post 1979, not something like the american dream, but more higher budget that can win oscars.
      8) Documentary like the legend continues following Michaels career, including rare clips
      9) captain eo dvd with making of documentary
      10) Dangerous tour dvd (Note for the estate, not bucherest, wembley would be better with bad and the way you make me feel included, which was only included in the first few shows, and dangerous from argentina, where he sand the “i never knew but i was living….” bit. I dont know why he removed this in later shows. I also think the tour have been better if he performed Who is it, Give in to me and Remember the time and left out will you be there, heal the world, which where fine tracks but not when you go to see him live.
      11) dangerous 25 cd released with a video including an animated Micahel JaCKSON. they could use same technology that was used to make Avatar, to inlcude michael , perhaps on a set themed around the dangerous cover. But this will be hard and expensive so i’m guessing the estate wont do it. Just look at michael jackson the experience on playstation or apple. I dont understand why this cant be done for videos for future singles.
      12) on official book, something like the one that his mother released but was later banned, with official unseen photos and stories of mj by those working closest to him.
      13) history tour. Im not sure of this once. This wont do much for his legacy, he didnt want to be onstage and its obvious. The set list became boring.

    • Tucker says:

      I saw ONE at the opening premier and it’s MUCH better than Immortal. ONE gives each song a chance to “shine” in its own light, it brings out the center of what Michael was trying to do. It is a tasteful, very well done tribute to Michael, much better than Immortal.

  42. Logan says:

    My opinions have changed, just to be fair.

    - A new studio album (This is the number one choice for me and many, many others. We’re clearly dying for new material. Also, there should be a maximum of THREE previously heard/leaked songs on this album [four or five on a twelve track disc]. I won’t pay for four songs I’ve never heard and six that I have. Additionally, while I listen to Do You Know Where Your Children Are on a regular basis, that is a song that is easy to tear to shreds. It should stay in the vaults, to be quite honest.)
    - Dangerous 25. Another Spike Lee documentary, a second disc of unreleased songs/songs from the planned 2001 special edition second disc, the 1992 show in Rome with TWYMMF and Bad (maybe with Dangerous as an extra).
    - The planned book IN HIS OWN WORDS, that would have featured handwritten notes from Michael and his own personal critiques on some aspects of his life (the Motown 25 show, Dangerous tour, etc).
    - An “in the studio” documentary with studio footage from every era possible.
    - An unplugged album. Just a cappella vocals layered over a piano or guitar. Pick some unexpected songs and unexpected options. (C’mon, just imagine Jam on guitar, or Whatever Happens on piano, or even a combination of both for Man in the Mirror.)
    - An a cappella album. Not exactly something that needs to be promoted, but just an iTunes exclusive. A cappellas of songs we don’t have (I Just Can’t Stop Loving You, Speechless, Morphine) and even songs we DO have, just in higher quality (Who Is It, They Don’t Care About Us, Billie Jean).
    - A fan remix album. Contact some of the best fan DJs (Nick* is one of the best) and have them remix some songs. Fans have responded much more positively to fan remixes and it would be cool to give us a chance to shine.
    - The release of 2005′s From the Bottom of My Heart (with pre-recorded vocals from Snoop Dogg, The O’Jays, Beyonce, etc.) for a charity or potential disaster. If in existence, maybe include a solo demo as a B-side.
    - As many have already said, a release of the Cardiff tribute show on Blu-ray. I haven’t seen it but from fan clips it looks like a phenomenal concert and something the fans who couldn’t attend would love to see.
    - Most importantly, NO duet album, NO memorial release, NO 30th anniversary release, and NO Ghosts DVD release. I understand the vault will eventually come to be empty and the only option is to release these, but for the time being there are still plethoras of songs and video to be released.

  43. Akiko Choinski says:

    ackson is recognized as the most successful entertainer of all time by Guinness World Records. His contributions to music, dance, and fashion, along with his publicized personal life, made him a global figure in popular culture for over four decades. The eighth child of the Jackson family, he debuted on the professional music scene along with his brothers as a member of The Jackson 5 in 1964, and began his solo career in 1971. In the early 1980s, Jackson became the dominant figure in popular music. The music videos for his songs, including those of “Beat It,” “Billie Jean,” and “Thriller,” were credited with breaking down racial barriers and transforming the medium into an art form and promotional tool. *..-.

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  44. Kelvin Mcwan says:

    I have been slightly obsessed with the sound and visual spectacle created by MJ and also the Jacksons.. I have always wanted to see the Jacksons Live concert from the late 70′s.., which i have on vinyl, on DvD. You have to hear the ‘improv’ bit before ‘Rock With You’. I saw him 4 times in concert but the 1st, BAD concert at Wembley.. was the best concert I have ever seen.. In more recent years I wasn’t too thrilled about his face or colour.. but the expectation of more music and performance kept me hooked. A hole has been left in my life.. and there will NEVER be anyone to replace him.. R.I.P.. Gloved one..

  45. Matlhogonolo Katlego Matlhaku says:

    They could release a DVD and Blu-Ray collection of all his short films and also include the behind the scenes of each short film. Kinda like what they did on the ‘Dangerous Short Films’ dvd, but the behind the scenes footages should be longer. I also do second the idea of having a full This Is It concert DVD. No interviews! Just the full performance! I also adore the idea of releasing all his unreleased material in on collection. I would also like it if they released the ‘HIStory Tour Live in South Africa’. That’s if the footage still exists… And I too, would LOVE to see one of the Victory concerts in high quality. And maybe they could also release Immortal on DVD and Blu-Ray… Just a thought…

  46. mikey moonwalker says:

    As a mj fan, i do not think that HIStory tour was not a bad show. yeah it had some of it’s faults,(lip-syncing, etc.)but it was still a damn good show. I also would love to see the 30th anniversary to be released. But most of all…..
    Release Dangerous Tour From 1st leg

  47. mikey moonwalker says:

    i also add that HIStory Tour Brunei 1997 should be released as either a 3D movie or on DVD/Blu-ray

  48. MitchUK says:

    What would i like to see released: ummmm

    1. The idea of fan released remixes is good. I love the Tag Team version of You Rock My World

    2. More alternative versions and remixes of MJ’s best songs. Or an album similar to Blood On The Dance Floor/History in the mix

    3. A whole new album of unreleased tracks

    4. I would love Ghosts on DVD. I have the original box set (but it is VHS!!)

    5. A live tour, but as a compilation of his best performances from all of his tours would be interesting

    6. Better promotion of the projects from Sony

    • Arjun Sanyal says:

      I like the idea of live performances. I was wondering if an album-like DVD could be made. So for ‘Off The Wall’, we get the best-known performances of ‘Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough’, ‘Rock With You’, ‘Workin’ Day And Night’ and ‘Off The Wall’. For ‘Thriller’, we could have ‘Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin”, ‘Thriller’, ‘Beat It’, ‘Billie Jean’ and ‘Human Nature’. The same process could be done for ‘Bad’, ‘Dangerous’ and ‘HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I’ (which includes ‘Blood On The Dance: HIStory In The Mix’). We could then have an ‘extras’ CD, with live performances of songs like ‘You Rock My World’, ‘What More Can I Give’, ‘You Were There’, ‘Elizabeth I Love You’, ‘Medley’ and the medley performed during Half-Time at the Super Bowl XXVII

  49. Sam says:

    I have not read all comments so forgive me if this idea has already been suggested. How bout no more anticipation of what the estate will release next in terms of remixing, footage or any other nonsense. Just get together all the unreleased material Jackson left, Do not play with it as there is no way anyone can complete it without the approval if Michael himself which no one is going to get. compile it into some kind of order, i.e year, era, style, type of song, Design a streaming website like Netflix or similar or even create a partnership with them where fans pay a one of payment and get to listen to the song and demos and such whenever they like. Its trendy and it gets to core of what the fans want, No more bullshit please, we dont need anymore unseen footage, we know what he looked and sounded like and we knew what his character was like and its why we all like him, if its unseen its for a reason, no one was meant to see it, especially not like this. Come on Sony, pull your fingers out.

  50. sathula says:

    I wud like to see bad tour and 30th anniversary here in South Africa.

  51. sathula says:

    I mean made availlable in South Africa , we love MJ here , and its on the history books that his last perfomace of history tour was here in Durban South Africa, we miss u MJ.

  52. Arya says:

    Did I just read 3D version of HIStory concert release around the world? I think its a BRILLIANT idea. Lip-synching may have been a part of it. But it really doesn’t translate to “appalling” or “worst” tours ever! That is getting very extreme. And frankly, I am surprised some are vehemently opposing the idea. I have watched Michael Jackson HIStory tour Munich in an amazing 720p quality and it left me astounded.. It was amazing watching every detail of the tour unfold right from his energy levels to the various touching aspects of his performances like the “Earth Song”. I am sure MJ would have wanted the audience to see those aspects of the tour. He was a story teller and every concert of his had a message to give. HIStory is important in many ways. Right from the robotics and locking/popping dancing to a slow “Stranger in Moscow” to the “Dangerous” choreography and an epic ending to the tour with a “HIStory” encore with flags of every country being waved around. It should be an experience watching all of this on 3D! And more than the lip-synching this is what that matters – MJ’s beautiful way to deliver the message through his performances. It is also one of his last tours which all the more gives it the privilege to be screened it all over the world. With careful editing it does have the ability to be a success. Something I have realized, audiences had rather watch MJ in 3D than a blu ray memorial service!
    As for additional ideas, how about a DVD release of Dangerous and Bad tours as well? Apart from Bad Wembley and Dangerous Bucharest live ofcourse. I have seen few snippets of Bad and Dangerous Tokyo live and MJ is enthralling in them! And a Blu Ray release of “Ghosts”. Even better, a 3D remake of all the spooky videos ever made by MJ including Thriller and Ghosts with the song “Threatened” incorporated somewhere.
    And seeing that MJ isn’t there to direct his Short films, yet I have this crazy hope for Short films being made on some of his songs by some high quality animators!! With a reference to MJ perhaps? Just an Idea!

  53. Jason says:

    I think they should release another This is it album but with the LIVE rehearsals.

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