Unreleased behind-the-scenes footage from Michael Jackson’s “Ghosts” leaks online

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More than 45 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage, taken when filming the high-tech motion capture scenes for Michael Jackson’s 1996 film Ghosts, has leaked online today.

In the film Jackson plays a number of characters, including a digitally created skeleton that dances just like the King of Pop.

“We have the ability to performance-capture an artist, and take that performance of that artist and give that to a digital character,” explains the film’s director, Stan Winston, in a mini-documentary made by VH1 called “Michael Jackson: The Making Of Ghosts”.

Click here to watch Michael Jackson: The Making Of Ghosts.

In the new footage, seen below, Jackson is rigged with powerful markers that are later used to digitally re-create his performance using a computer.

“By putting the markers on his body and putting [Michael] in a performance area we can capture the essence of that character by having him dance, move, emote and gesture,” adds Andre Bustanoby, Motion Capture Supervisor on the project.

Click here to check out some newly leaked of the footage; or watch it below:

The final product, “Michael Jackson’s Ghosts”, runs almost 40 minutes in length. It is one of the King of Pop’s most critically acclaimed pieces among fans.

Click here to watch the full-length film.

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