Spike Lee’s Bad 25 Documentary Complete? Single Scores #1 Debut

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The good news continues to roll in for Michael Jackson fans.

I can exclusively confirm that a short-form copy of Spike Lee’s documentary on the 25th anniversary of Jackson’s “Bad” album has been submitted to Sony for review.

The documentary, in which Lee visits Westlake Studios (the studio Jackson used to record the Bad album), will feature interviews with a diverse range of stars from different generations including Kanye West, Siedah Garrett, Chris Brown and Quincy Jones, just to name a few.

Showcasing rare never-before-seen footage from Jackson’s archives;  the documentary should impress even the most die hard Jackson fan. According to those who’ve been fortunate enough to see it, the work Lee has done is “amazing”.

If social networking is anything to go by, it would appear that although Lee has submitted his work-to-date for review, he is yet to apply the finishing touches. Lee tweeted a picture of he and singer Mariah Carey, reportedly taken on set today (18/6), indicating interviews are still being conducted for inclusion in the final edit.

A strategy on exactly how and when to deliver the documentary to fans is yet to be decided upon. Options include presenting the film in a limited cinema run, licensing it to television networks around the world, and issuing it as a stand-alone DVD or Blu-ray release.

In other news, it was officially confirmed by the Michael Jackson Estate last week that the newly released maxi-single “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” – which features the brand new bonus tracks “Don’t Be Messin'” – shot straight to the top of the physical CD singles chart in the U.S, with domestic sales in excess of 5,000 copies.

The single’s success is largely due to the overwhelming support thrown behind it by dedicated Jackson fanatics. Many purchased multiple copies, with the more enthusiastic fans taking advantage of the bargain $1.89 sale price. Some even buying more than 20 copies!

Jackson outsold the likes of Justin Bieber and Coldplay to claim the top spot on the chart.

For all the latest news on the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s “Bad”, visit www.bad25.michaeljackson.com

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