EXCLUSIVE: Unreleased mix of “She Was Loving Me” surfaces online!

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As fans around the world celebrate what would have been Michael Jackson’s 56th birthday today, an unreleased version his song “She Was Loving Me” has surfaced online.

Two versions of this track – the original demo as Jackson recorded it in 1999 and a ‘contemporised’ version remixed by Timbaland in 2013 – have already been released as part of the Xscape album under the title “Chicago”.

This never-before-heard version of “She Was Loving Me” – co-produced by the King of Pop’s nephew, Taryll Jackson, with Cory Rooney – takes more of a “rock” approach than previously-released versions of the track, featuring powerful drums, electric guitar, finger clicks and the echoey use of Jackson’s warm-up vocals to create a more mysterious mood throughout.

The full story on this song can be discovered in my previously-published article – newly updated to include additional relevant information. Click here to read the article.

Just for fun I have whipped together a video that fans can watch while listening to the track. The video took me four hours to storyboard and edit together, and was my first-ever attempt at using Final Cut Pro (so go easy on me!)

Watch the video featuring “She Was Loving Me” produced by Taryll Jackson below:


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