Infamous Jackson relationship extends beyond music to marriage with Porte-Cascio wedding amidst pending fraud lawsuit

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Today it was confirmed that James Porte – co-writer of twelve controversial songs sold to Sony Music as ‘Michael Jackson’ recordings in 2010 – married collaborative partner Eddie Cascio’s sister, Marie-Nicole Cascio, over the weekend.

Pictures taken at the wedding, which took place in New Jersey on Saturday, August 9, 2014 show James Porte performing a Michael Jackson dance number with an entourage of wedding-attending backing dancers, including Frank Cascio, who uploaded the pictures to his public Instagram account. See below:

Photo Removed By Request of Copyright ClaimantThe news of Porte’s marriage to Marie-Nicole Cascio comes less than two months after an explosive fraud lawsuit was filed against Porte, Eddie Cascio and their production company Angelikson Productions LLC by Jackson fan Vera Serova over the dubious vocals on the songs they sold to Sony Music in mid-2010. The songs will be referred to herein as the ‘Porte-Cascio tracks’. Click here to read more about the lawsuit.

Three of the twelve Porte-Cascio tracks – “Breaking News”, “Monster” and “Keep Your Head Up” – were ultimately released on the ‘MICHAEL’ album in December 2010. The album remains available with both physical and online retailers. It is believed to have sold approximately 550,000 copies in the U.S. and 2 million copies worldwide to date.

Many of you will know that for the past three-and-a-half years myself and a team of dedicated researchers have been investigating questions surrounding these songs and their release. Porte and Cascio purport that the songs recorded by Jackson in the Cascio family home basement in 2007. The findings of our investigation will ultimately be written and published as a book.

The wedding marks the first time Jackson fans have sighted Porte since the release of the ‘MICHAEL’ album nearly four years ago. In fact, despite being credited as an equal co-writer of all twelve Porte-Cascio tracks, Porte did not participate in the album’s promotional campaign – including a documentary published on the official Michael Jackson VEVO channel called ‘MICHAEL: The Making of the Album’. Click here to watch the documentary.

Eddie Cascio, however, did appear in this documentary, along with Akon, Lenny Kravitz, Neff-U and producer of two Porte-Cascio tracks Teddy Riley.

Subsequent to Porte’s complete absence from the public eye, Eddie Cascio and producer Teddy Riley received a majority of the criticism over these recordings. Riley in particular, due to his high-profile presence and accessibility on Twitter, copped a beating from Jackson fans for working on the tracks.

Right before the album was released Cascio and Riley – along with members of the Cascio family; including Marie-Nicole – appeared on Oprah to talk about the family’s ‘secret’ relationship with Jackson, and to defend the veracity of the vocals featured on the Porte-Cascio tracks. Once again, James Porte was no where to be seen. In fact, Porte’s name was not mentioned at all in the broadcast, with the tracks being labelled by Oprah as “written and produced by Michael Jackson and Eddie Cascio.”

Not only has Porte attempted to keep his name and face out of the limelight regarding working with the King of Pop, but he also appears to have tried to fly under the radar with his wedding.

For months leading up to the date I had been aware of the online gift registry the couple had set up at The Knot in preparation for their wedding. However, it could not be confirmed that this was definitely James Porte’s wedding because The Knot website had listed the couple as “Marie Nicole Cascio + James Victor”. See here:

According to a series of U.S. Copyright registration filings listed on the Library of Congress website – including one called ‘MJ Song Book 2009 #1’ in which Michael Jackson is credited as for sound recording, performance, production, compilation and lyrics – ‘Victor’ is James Porte’s middle name. James Victor Porte.

Porte is no stranger to using fake names or aliases. A number of his U.S. Copyright registration filings also list his pseudonym – ‘Bobby Ewing’ – as a contributor. One specific registration is titled “Slide show 2005 / James Porte a.k.a. Bobby Ewing”.

It was not until Frank Cascio uploaded a series of images to his Instagram account, visually showing Porte marrying Marie-Nicole Cascio, that the identity of ‘James Victor’ from The Knot wedding registry could be confirmed as definitely being James Porte.

Photo Removed By Request of Copyright Claimant

The Porte-Cascio wedding was a very ‘Jackson’ affair, with his music playing throughout the night and at least two Jackson family members – Rebbie Jackson and Austin Brown – in attendance. Frank Cascio even uploaded a video of his brother Dominic dancing to Jackson’s “Billie Jean”. See below:

It is not known whether any of the controversial Porte-Cascio tracks were played at the event.

In regards to the lawsuit filed against Porte, Cascio, Angelikson Productions, The Estate of Michael Jackson and Sony Music Entertainment over the Porte-Cascio tracks and the ‘MICHAEL’ album, all parties have acknowledge it and have filed notice of appearance.

Freedman & Taitelman, LLP will represent Angelikson in the fraud suit, while Kinsella Weitzman Iser Kump & Aldisert, LLP and Katten Muchin Rosenman, LLP will jointly represent The Estate and Sony Music against the lesser claims levelled at them for allegedly misleading consumers.

It is unlikely, however, that there will be anything else to report on the matter until a hearing date has been set and attended.

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