POLL: Which track should be the next single from Michael Jackson’s ‘XSCAPE’ album?

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With “Love Never Felt So Good” turning out to be a hugely successful choice as the lead single from the ‘XSCAPE’ album, I thought it’d be fun to run a poll regarding which track YOU, the fans, would like to see as the follow-up second single.

The intention of this poll is not to guess or anticipate what it will be, but rather to raise your voice regarding what you personally believe it should be.

A case can be made for (or against) practically every track on this album. I personally feel there are a number of strong contenders for the second single, including “Do You Know Where Your Children Are” and “A Place With No Name”.

In my opinion “Loving You” should also be a single at some stage, but considering Epic Records went with a more soft, easy-listening mid-tempo track as the first single I feel the second single should be something that packs a bit more punch and allows for an innovative and cinematic short film.

There has been talk that the “Virtual MJ” (or “hologram”) appearing on Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards will perform “Slave to the Rhythm”, sparking rumors that it will be the next single from the album. Last year executive producer Timbaland said that he liked “Chicago” as a single, while just over a month ago LaShawn Daniels, co-writer of the song “Xscape”, stated that it was going to be a single.

So, what do YOU think should be the second single from ‘XSCAPE’?

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