Rare audio of Michael Jackson recording “Childhood” emerges online!

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A previously unreleased audio clip of Michael Jackson recording “Childhood” has emerged online.

The clip, recorded by a fan during Brad Sundberg’s In The Studio With MJ seminar many months ago, originates from a video of Jackson singing “Childhood” live, from top to bottom, in the studio, with the New York Philharmonic-Symphony Orchestra.

The footage, which is no longer a part of the In The Studio seminars at the request of the Michael Jackson Estate, is truly breathtaking. Michael can be seen in a soundproof room of glass, standing behind a huge room with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra and their conductor, giving Michael cues and entrances.

Sundberg, whose personal copy of the footage was filmed on a hand-held video camera, has since commented on the leak.

“A quick word about the leaks, trust and perspective,” said the engineer. “Thanks to everyone for their concern about someone sneaking a recording device of some sort into my seminar. We do our best to screen all guests, but clearly something snuck through.”

“My request would be that whoever did this would respect my seminar for what it is – a complete package of venue, truth, memories, integrity, hard work, quality electronics, music, laughter, pain, friendship, gathering with fellow fans, etc. A low-quality clip on laptop speakers is a very poor representation of my what seminar offers the guests, particularly in my quest to “introduce” them to the Michael that I knew.”

“I am a very trusting person, and I hope to never lose that trust in people, but this was a bit of sting today. That said, do you want know something “funny” – for lack of a better word? I was visiting Dachau Concentration Camp outside of Munich when my phone started blowing up from friends letting me know about the Childhood leak. Can you imagine the irony of how un-important something like that is in the scope of where I was standing? Life is too short to participate in or stress over something as pointless as a stolen clip from a seminar.”

Although the pirated and now leaked audio is (as Sundberg acknowledges in his statement) of extremely low quality, and distorts when Jackson hits some of the more powerful notes, his vocals are still clearly incredible. He does one take and it’s completely flawless from beginning to end. Jackson can also be heard clearing his voice away from the microphone between difficult phrases and before certain notes, which the engineers edited out of the officially released version for obvious reasons.

In the unreleased video, when the sweeping orchestra comes in mid-song – “Have you seen my childhood? Dah dah dah dah dahh dahhhh” – Michael is conducting, triumphantly swinging his arms saying, “Yes! Yes!” He grabs the sky and pulls down like a child. You’ll never see Michael look happier. He looked great, grinning from ear to ear. Truly amazing stuff.

Sundberg has just completed a highly-successful In The Studio tour of Europe, with seminars taking place in London, Frankfurt and Copenhagen. There is plenty more for Michael Jackson fans to look forward, with a number of new dates on the horizon.

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The unreleased audio from the “Childhood” recording session can be heard below:

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