Michael Jackson will NOT duet with Justin Bieber, says King of Pop’s Estate.

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Epic Records chairman L.A. Reid reignited talk of a Michael Jackson duet with Justin Bieber this week during a sit-down interview with Shaun Robinson of Access Hollywood – but The Estate of Michael Jackson insist it is NOT happening.

During the interview, which was to promote the new ‘XSCAPE’ album, Reid said: “I signed Justin, so I feel a loyalty. I feel like I should protect him. That’s my relationship with him. But ‘Slave To The Rhythm’ didn’t include him per my direction… If it hadn’t been leaked, it would have been featured but it sort of took the wrong turn. But you know what? We’re gonna revisit that… We’re going to revisit it and do something really special with Justin Bieber and Michael.”

Robinson then asked Reid: “So Justin Bieber and Michael Jackson may be singing together on a future release of Michael’s?” to which Reid responded: “I’m pretty sure.”

Justin Bieber himself then added fuel to the fire by tweeting the link to Reid’s Access Hollywood interview with the caption: “What is to come.”

However today The Estate of Michael Jackson stepped in to put talk of a Jackson/Bieber duet to bed by issuing the following statement:

“The Estate has become aware of chatter regarding a potential release of a Michael Jackson/Justin Bieber duet of “Slave To The Rhythm”. The MJ fan community should rest assured that while there have been lots of ideas thrown out, the Estate has confirmed that there are absolutely no plans to release any Jackson/Bieber duet.”

Let’s hope they’ve copied both Reid and Bieber in on their email.

This is the second time The Estate of Michael Jackson have denied rumors that Jackson and Bieber would sing together on a track. We all remember when a version of the King of Pop’s “Slave To The Rhythm” leaked online in mid-August 2013 featuring vocals performed by Justin Bieber in a duet with Jackson.

Jackson purists the world over reacted in disgust, while radio stations clamoured to get the track on air. I personally heard it three times that day, however the hype ended pretty quickly when The Estate of Michael Jackson stepped in to put the matter beyond speculation.

“For those who have been asking about the recently posted recording of ‘Slave To The Rhythm’ by Michael and Justin Bieber; this recording was not authorized and has been taken down,” said The Estate in an email statement to Jackson’s fans, adding: “It is unauthorized and therefore there is no intention to release it.”

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