Brand new Michael Jackson Podcast launches online!

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The MJ Cast

Exciting news for Michael Jackson fans and podcast lovers around the globe! A brand new Michael Jackson themed podcast, The MJCast, officially launched its first episode online today.

Founded and co-hosted by Australian Michael Jackson fans Jamon Bull and Q, The MJCast takes centre stage as the world’s newest and most active Michael Jackson podcast.

The MJCast, which is created “by fans, for the fans,” will cover relevant news items from recent weeks, as well as in-depth retrospective discussion on the King of Pop’s artistry and legacy.

The first episode of The MJCast (embedded below) features Bull and Q discussing a variety of current affairs items in the Michael Jackson fan community – including two new books released by veteran Jackson fans; The First Book Of Michael by writer and Jackson blogger Syl Mortilla, and Michael Jackson The Maestro Volume 2 by Jackson historian Chris Cadman; forthcoming books by Jackson’s former manger Frank Dileo, and another by former business advisor Dieter Wiesner; and an upcoming documentary by legendary film director Spike Lee on the making of Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall album – while seamlessly diving in and out of fascinating discussion and light-hearted, easy-listening banter about Jackson’s life and times.

Check out “Episode 001 – I Love to Tour!” from The MJCast below:

“It’s about honouring Michael Jackson in a medium in which he isn’t currently represented,” says Bull, a major podcast enthusiast himself, of The MJCast. “Other artists, like The Beatles, have a number of active podcasts dedicated to them. Yet Michael Jackson, perhaps the most significant artist in modern history, hasn’t currently got one actively discussing his work and historical impact on an intellectual level.”

Podcasts are an ever-growing trend around the world, showing no signs of declining in popularity. On iTunes alone there are currently more than 1 billion podcast subscribers.

“Our aim is to interview a diverse selection of significant people from MJ’s world,” says co-host Q, “from his former musical collaborators to security personnel, associates, friends, family, and even some of our fellow fans. We’ll start small, and grow it and nurture it.”

“The reason we’re doing it in the form of a podcast is to document these conversations, and present them in an easily accessible audio medium,” explains Bull.

“It’s also a great excuse for us as friends, who regularly talk about this stuff among ourselves privately, to come together in a public forum and positively focus attention on the news around Michael, while enlightening the public to all of the rarely-spoken-about wonders of Michael’s legacy.”

“We hope that the podcast will become regular background entertainment in people’s day to day lives.”

Check out The MJCast by visiting, subscribing via iTunes, liking their Facebook page, and following them on Twitter.


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