“In The Studio With MJ – The Lab” hits Toronto May 23!

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“In The Studio With MJ – The Lab” is a first-person seminar offering an in-depth perspective on working with Michael Jackson in the recording studio and at his amazing residence, Neverland Valley Ranch. This is a very rare chance to hear from Brad Sundberg (Michael’s Technical Director) in an interactive, music and memory filled day.

thelab1“The Lab concept will give Toronto guests a chance to hear some new ideas I have been working on for the seminar. It needs to stay fresh for both new and retuning guests, and Toronto is always a great place to try new ideas,” says Sundberg.

Sundberg will offer humorous and informative insights about more than 17 years working with Michael. The event is packed with music, videos, personal behind-the-scenes stories and photos. It is a very unique opportunity for people interested in the music industry, and in Michael Jackson in particular, to see, hear and learn what it was like to work side-by-side with a true music legend. Sundberg worked on the Bad, Dangerous and HIStory albums, plus many remixes, video mixes and special projects including designing countless music and electronic systems at Neverland Valley Ranch.

“The seminars were born out a desire from Michael Jackson’s fans to know more about how these incredible projects came to life,” says Brad Sundberg, seminar host/producer. “People want to go back to the music, to where it all began – in the studio. His creative process was unlike anything I have ever been a part of, and if I can give people just a glimpse of what it was like, that’s very rewarding.”

From studio production to tour prep to Neverland Valley Ranch, Sundberg was there and he generously shares not just technical info, but also personal memories and stories.

Over the past three years Sundberg has presented his seminar to guests from all over the globe, in cities across the U.S., Europe and Russia, and beyond his “In The Studio With MJ – The Lab” seminar in Toronto on May 23 he will continue to travel the U.S., and the world, including the following dates:

June 25, 26, 27, 28 – Cologne, Germany
July 4, 5 – Madrid, Spain
August 29 – Chicago, IL
September 5 – Orlando, Florida
October 10 – Las Vegas, NV
November 7, 8 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

For more information on In The Studio With MJ, or to buy tickets to any of the above-listed seminar dates, visit www.inthestudiowithmj.com


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