‘In The Studio With Michael Jackson’ seminar set to rock Europe!

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On Saturday October 25, 2014 Brad Sundberg and his highly-acclaimed ‘In The Studio With MJ’ seminar will arrive in London – at Mick Jagger’s former studio and home; The Stables at Cato – before trekking to Copenhagen on October 29 and Frankfurt on November 1 and 2.

The newly updated seminar has been fittingly renamed In The Studio With MJ – V2.0 after the Michael Jackson Estate requested some changes be made to the lineup of materials Sundberg had previously shared with audiences around the world.

“Putting V2.0 together has brought unexpected rewards, in that I am connecting with friends and colleagues from years ago,” Sundberg told me. “In a sense this is no longer ‘Brad telling some stories’. Rather, it is growing into something bigger, and perhaps more interesting.”

“The new material is really coming together well, and I am in constant contact with all three studios in Europe.”

“Michael Jackson was a very complex person, which is why he worked with so many unique people. As I reach out to more of my peers, they bring even more info the to the table, so the seminar will continue to change and be fluid for the foreseeable future. Michael was never static, and I don’t want my seminar to ever get stale or predictable. I am starting to think that the removal of certain materials was actually a hidden blessing, if you can believe it.”

“One of the not-so-surprising things about the people that Michael liked to work with is that they were generally nice guys,” added Sundberg in a statement released today. “Seriously. From Quincy Jones to Bruce Swedien to Steve Porcaro to Brad Buxer to Matt Forger to Brian Vibberts… the list goes on and on… they are guys you want to be around – and even after all these years we still enjoy each other’s friendships.”

“After the European tour we’ll take a bit of time off, then we are looking seriously at Japan in January. Then we’ll return to the US and Canada for a few seminars in the spring, and we are in the VERY early stages of something really cool next summer. It could be the biggest event we have attempted so far. Stay tuned for more info.”

“London, Copenhagen, Frankfurt – are you ready?” asks Sundberg. “I am so excited to be coming to your beautiful cities in a couple weeks, and I look forward to meeting you, connecting names with faces, and of course seeing some returning guests!”

Tickets to these incredible events are still available. Visit www.inthestudiowithmj.com to book your seat today!

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