Exclusive: Two new Michael Jackson collections to be released via iTunes

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I can exclusively reveal that Sony Music will release two new Michael Jackson collections in what’s being referred to as the “Michael Jackson Global iTunes Campaign”.

Although a few days late, the campaign – which goes live around the world on June 28, 2013 – is intended to commemorate the 4th anniversary of Jackson’s passing.

The first set of the campaign, called “The Indispensable Collection”, is a comprehensive package showcasing all six of Michael Jackson’s adult solo albums with CBS/Sony; from 1979’s “Off The Wall” to 2001’s “Invincible”; and for the first time ever in a box set or re-issue, disc two of Jackson’s 1995 “HIStory” album.

Also included in “The Indispensable Collection” will be the recently released live album sampled from Jackson’s legendary 1988 Bad Tour performance at Wembley Stadium, and 1997’s “Blood On The Dance Floor/HIStory In The Mix”.

Update: The second set is called “The Ultimate Fan Extras Collection” – consisting of 162 tracks including alternate mixes, remixes, live versions, instrumentals, megamixes and demos and non-album tracks – mostly found on previously released collections such as “Bad 25”, “Immortal” and “The Ultimate Collection”.

Unfortunately, the reception of “The Ultimate Fan Extras Collection” will likely be tainted within fan circles due to the inclusion of the three controversial Cascio tracks, which are widely regarded by many around the world, including Jackson’s own family, as fraudulent pieces featuring the vocals of a Michael Jackson imitator.

The two collections, as seen below, will be sold exclusively via iTunes. They are not expected to be released in physical retail form.

The Indispensable Collection

  • Off The Wall
  • Thriller
  • Bad
  • Dangerous
  • HIStory-Past, Present and Future Book 1 (disc two)
  • Blood On The Dance Floor/HIStory In The Mix
  • Invincible
  • Live At Wembley July 16, 1988

 The Ultimate Fan Extras Collection

Track list here:


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