Composer & former Toto member Steve Porcaro to join ‘In The Studio With MJ – The Homecoming’ seminars in Los Angeles this month

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Composer, ex-member of Toto and former Jackson studio alumni, Steve Porcaro, will join Brad Sundberg for his popular ‘In The Studio With MJ’ seminars at the legendary Westlake Recording Studios in Los Angeles later this month.

Porcaro is most well-known for having composed the music to Jackson’s 1983 hit “Human Nature”, but that was by no means the extent of his involvement with the King of Pop’s music. Porcaro was around for multiple Jackson albums and, according to Sundberg, was involved in countless magical moments in the studio.

In previous In The Studio With MJ seminars Sundberg has recalled stories of Porcaro’s persistence in trying to get his tracks on Jackson’s projects. One particular story relates to the song “For All Time” – originally recorded in May 1990 for the ‘Dangerous’ album.

Sundberg explains that Porcaro would often say: “Brad, I gotta get this on the album,” to which he would respond with something to the effect of: “As if I have any pull!”

Although “For All Time” was ultimately overlooked for the ‘Dangerous’ album, it was released 17 years later as a bonus track on the 25th anniversary edition of the ‘Thriller’ album in February 2008.

“Steve will join us right around dinner time… and he will share his stories, memories and music with you during and after dinner,” wrote Sundberg in his announcement via Facebook today. “There will be plenty of time for questions, and I know you are going to love him as a musician, songwriter and a really great guy.”

“Last week I added an extra day – June 26 – to give as many people as possible the chance to experience “In The Studio With MJ – The Homecoming” at Westlake, with the “Slam Dunk Sisters” dinner and Steve,” continued Sundberg. “To wrap up the week, don’t forget Bradx2 with Brad Buxer on Friday, June 27. If you want to “meet” Michael, you really need to spend some time with Brad Buxer. This is your chance.”

“We are less than three weeks away from some incredible opportunities to learn what it was like to write with, record with, tour with, work with and be friends with the greatest entertainer of our generation: Michael Jackson. I look forward to seeing many old friends and making many new ones!”

Fans can attend the following events the week of the 5th anniversary of Jackson’s passing in Los Angeles:

  • June 22: “Demos and Wine” (Tickets go on sale later this week)
  • June 23 – June 26: “In The Studio With MJ – The Homecoming” with special guest Steve Porcaro and dinner prepared by Michael Jackson’s personal cooks the Slam Dunk Sisters.
  • June 27: Bradx2 – An evening with Brad Buxer and Brad Sundberg.

For more information and to book your tickets please visit:

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