Bad 25: Sales & Chart Performance (Week 2)

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In it’s first week of release, Sony and the Michael Jackson Estate’s Bad 25 performed strongly, landing very respectable chart positions in most countries whilst shifting hundreds of thousands of units worldwide.

Depending on which country you live in, Bad 25 has now been on the market for somewhere between 2 to 3 weeks. Let’s take a look at how sales are holding up in select regions, and pinpoint it’s chart positions around the world.

Starting again in the UK this week.

As discussed in our previous analysis, Bad 25 debuted impressively at #6 on the UK album chart. However, in it’s second week the set dropped to #38, before settling in to a disappointing #77 after just three weeks on the market. It’s hard to see the set staying in the top 100 for much longer at this rate.

The companion “Live at Wembley” DVD of Jackson’s 1988 performance in London is still doing reasonably well on the UK Music Video chart. After debuting at #2 the concert dropped just four places to #6 on the chart in it’s second week. Week three sees “Live at Wembley” maintain it’s #6 placing for a second consecutive week.

Again, the Michael Jackson Estate has come out with a claim, this time stating that “Live at Wembley” has become the #1 DVD in the world. Unfortunately, I cannot find any statistics that corroborate this claim. I would however be curious to know how many copies the concert is supposed to have sold so far in it’s short time on the market. If anyone has these stats please let me know.

Now to the United States of America where Bad 25 confusingly debuted in two separate chart positions (#23 and #46) last week.

This week is no different, with the Bad 25 release again appearing twice on the Billboard 200 albums chart. In just it’s second week of release neither issue of Bad 25 made the top 50 on the album chat, finishing at #52 and #176 after shifting approximately 9,000-10,000 copies locally during last week’s trading.

Bad 25 did however manage to spend it’s second consecutive week at #1, atop the US Catalog albums chart, where it’s expected to remain in the coming weeks. The US charts will be updated again shortly.

Australia saw Bad 25 drop 16 places from #14 on debut to #30 at the end of week two. However, the “Live at Wembley” DVD continues to sell reasonably well Down Under, coming in at #4 following it’s debut last week at #2.

Now to the United World Chart, showcasing the accumulated sales from most regions across the globe as one chart position based on total sales.

Global sales of 123,000 copies (which equates to somewhere in the range of 300,000-370,000 units) was enough for Bad 25 to chart at #4 on debut last week (equal on sales with Carly Rae Jepsen’s new album). Bad 25 dropped 15 spots this week to finish it’s second week on the global market at #20, with another 47,000 copies (approximately 100,000 – 130,000 units) sold.

I’ll be back at the end of the week to provide another update on Bad 25’s progress.

Stay tuned!

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